Faith in Humanity

One of the more difficult things for a humanist or unbeliever of any kind is finding hope and meaning. We covered it briefly before in hope and meaning but only began to explore it. Daily life is stressful and people are sometimes bad to us in different ways.  The news brings doom and gloom reporting everyday and unless you are lucky enough to have a optimistic mind faith in humanity can be very hard to have. Faith in humanity, however, is still important to try and have if we are to succeed as individuals and as a collective.

Unbelievers know that faith is no reason to believe in anything because it is literally a belief held without evidence and accepting something without evidence is at the very least a risky thing to do. So why faith in humanity? Because we can, ironically, prove humanity is often worth believing in. Faith may be the wrong word because we have evidence that people are capable of great things. This possibility is where believers and unbelievers can find hope.

It’s certainly hard to find good things in the midst of all the chaos and misery that the news brings us but here are a couple of my favorites:

  1. Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life.
  2.  A few annoying pop ups now but still pretty good
  3. Space exploration is always positive and a humbling. The Hubble site is pretty great as well

There are also some good news sites that are at least mostly, if not entirely, unbiased as well.

  1. The Real News Network

There are many good news sources but unfortunately you need to do your homework to find the good ones. By good ones I mean ones that even when delivering bad news are neutral in their reporting and avoid dramatizing and exaggerating and are free of political and other kinds of bias.

Humanity is truly capable of amazing things. This list is a good example. What constitutes great things is sometimes a matter of definition though.  For example one of the ways I define great is humanity’s ability to survive despite the human condition. Despite wars, disease, political and economic turmoil and weapons of mass destruction we are still going strong. The good in humanity is out there. It is a shame you have to look past media culture’s tendency towards sharing bad things but faith in humanity is possible and once you know where to look it is a whole lot healthier.

In summary faith in humanity is possible but one must sometimes deliberately see past all the negative in modern culture, especially on the web. A surprising amount  of good news and positivism is out there and hope is alive you just gotta look for it.




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1 Response to Faith in Humanity

  1. john zande says:

    Thoroughly agree… But then we see what the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year is (Post-truth) and that faith in our species, that hope, takes a punch to the face.

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